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Australia’s Leading Sydney Based Manufacturer of Quality Camper Trailers
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Camper Trailers Buying Guide

Australia’s Leading Sydney Based Manufacturer of Quality Camper Trailers

Camper Trailers

Camper Trailers
Camper Trailers Designed To Fulfill Your Camping Needs

Mario Trailers designs and manufactures high quality off-road and on-road camper trailers in Australia. We have been involved in designing and manufacturing a diverse range of camper trailers for more than 24 years now. All camper trailers are manufactured in Sydney where our factory is located.

Why Choose Mario Trailers for Getting Your Camper Trailer
  • We are members of the Caravan & Camping Industries Association NSW.
  • We have the facility to make custom trailers to your exact specifications or requirements.
  • Our campers are manufactured by a team of dedicated fabricators.
  • All camper trailers manufactured by us come with a full 12 months Free Rego!
  • We are fully licensed to manufacture top quality camper trailers for sale.

You have got all the right reasons to check out our massive range of camper trailers online to find one that will precisely suit your next camping trip.

If you are looking for a reliable and comfortable camper trailer for weekend camping trips to get away from the hassles of a busy city life, then one of our On-Road Camper Trailers is a great place to begin.

You may also be looking to invest in your first trailer ever and so you would be looking around for a perfect trailer that not only suits your needs but also fits in your bucket perfectly, you can look through one of our affordable range of On-Road Camper trailers that will suit you precisely, which is well equipped with all the essentials you need such as:-

  • Jerry Can Holders and Gas Bottle Holders.
  • Camping Tents.
  • FREE! 12 months Rego.
  • Painted, Galvanized or Aluminium Finish.
  • Stabilizer Legs.
  • Above all, they come with Mario’s Stamp that stands for Quality.

In case, you are looking to camp in one of the outback or go on an off-road adventure, then you can browse our range of Off-Road Camper Trailers, they are loaded with great features such as:-

  • Jerry Can and Gas Bottle Holders.
  • Tough, well built with joins and finish.
  • Tube Chassis, Great suspension to take on any road surface.
  • Heavy Duty springs.
  • Off Road Tyres.
  • Heavier Weight Loads.

We have a complete range to suit any specific camper need, just browse our range of camper trailers put up for sale! We also provide custom made trailers and a range of accessories so you can build or buy the perfect camper trailer that’s right for your needs.

Note 1: All Second Hand rims and tyres are common with the trailer industry. New tyres can be ordered as an option if required.

Customer Reviews

  23-09-2015 5
I bought a Camper Trailer few months ago. I am extremely satisfied with the trailer and the service provided by Mario Trailers.
  28-09-2015 4
I wanted Custom trailer according to my requirements. Mario Trailers helped me to make exact trailer what I have specified. Thanks, Mario Trailers to fulfill my requirements. Also service they have provided was excellent
  30-09-2015 5
We have purchased a Camper Trailer at an affordable rate. Very happy with it. We are eagerly looking forward to our first family trip away with it.

Camper Trailers